The reservation policies below are in place to ensure that all of our guests receive the most hospitable and efficient service we can provide.

• We accept reservations for parties as small as 2 and as large as 6.

• Bar seating is always first come, first serve.

• If you need to make any changes to your party size or arrival time, please call and let us know or adjust your online reservation.

• Unexpected fluctuations in party size or incomplete arrivals may affect our ability to honor your reservation as booked. 

• If separate reservations are made to equal a party larger than 6, we cannot guarantee all will be seated together.

Kindly note we cannot hold unclaimed tables for longer than 15 minutes past your scheduled reservation time. We reserve the right to delay seating until your party is complete.

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By phone

Prefer to make your arrangements with a real person? Call us at 510-263-9630.





Having only a 48 seat dining room, we aren't ideally set for large groups. The maximum party size we can comfortably accommodate during most services is 6.

For groups larger than 6, please call us at 510-263-9630 so that we can discuss how we might best accommodate you.